Announcing “Gravis Magazine”

by Chuck Jines March 21, 2016

Announcing “Gravis Magazine” I am pleased to announce the release of the first issue of my monthly magazine, Gravis. Now available in print. What people are saying about Gravis Magazine: “Got my copy of Gravis Volume 1 recently and read it cover to cover. Wow, I am blown away, little emotional, and speechless! It is a text that takes a little while to sink in before you feel you can express any opinion about it. The social documentary photography within this issue, that accompanies Shaggy’s story, is truly phenomenal. In

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Review of the Witnesses Being Used to Allegedly “Prove” Darren Wilson’s Guilt

by Chuck Jines August 24, 2014

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, MO, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, MO police officer, Darren Wilson. On that Stop Killing Our Kids tragic Saturday afternoon, reports began to come in that a young unarmed black man had been shot to death by a white police officer, while innocently walking from a convenience store to his grandmother’s apartment. The headlines read – “Michael

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Is some sort of moral code necessary?

by Chuck Jines March 25, 2016

Is some sort of moral code necessary?

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Fighting Cultural Marxism – Intellectual Judo 102

by Chuck Jines March 22, 2016

2. Insist on keeping it simple. Don’t allow them to bombard you with information, it’s just a smokescreen to evade.

lionorder @lionorder12
@ChuckJines67 @PhillyRover “Privilege is being excluded from actions that hinder upward mobility…”

Chuck Jines @ChuckJines67
A “privilege” is a special right or treatment, not an exclusion. Example, “affirmative action” is a black privilege.

As you can see, they couldn’t even give an accurate definition! Wow!

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Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur Clear the Air on Religious Violence and Islam


January 11, 2016

While the baby-boomers started it, it’s actually this generation of young people who are really fucking up America. Our children, and our grandchildren, are FUCKED! Over half the people here in America, are now either on the State dole, or work for the State itself! It’s just math people, not complicated at all… Lefties always […]

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December 13, 2015

In a victimhood based society (Christian/Marxist), the more you appear to look as if you care about the purported oppressed, the more morally superior you begin to feel about yourself, and the more you will be elevated in the eyes of that society. What a dopamine rush! (One example – The reason people run around […]

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January 2, 2015

I hold a basketball in one hand, and a brick in the other. I tell a subjectivist that when I drop them, the basketball will bounce higher than the brick. The subjectivist says, “I disagree.” I drop both the ball and the brick – and what do you know? – the ball bounces higher than […]

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